Allure’s 31 Days of Best of Beauty

If you have not invested in a Clarisonic face cleaning system yet, I suggest you do so immediately! I received one a as gift for Christmas last year and I had no idea how addicted I would become. I never realized how insufficient my hands and face wash were at removing all the makeup and oil that had accumulated throughout the day until I got my Clarisonic. It is pricey but I PROMISE, it is well worth the money!


World Smile Day

Happy World Smile Day! In honor of this day, which was started by the creator of the original yellow and black smiley, I am listing some tips to get those pearly whites looking as beautiful as possible!

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Love Letters

It is National Love Letter Day and in honor of everything mushy-gushy, I encourage you all to write a little love letter to your boo. Whether it’s cute, creative, or

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