Making it Easy!

This week, I will be featuring blog posts from some of my favorite sites and today we begin with my favorite beauty site, The Beauty Department. If you are not familiar with this site, it’s time to start falling in love! They have the best beauty advice and their tutorial photos are adorable! The whole website is actually designed really well and it is very easy to  navigate. I pretty much want to work there but haven’t figured out a way to swindle my way in yet! One day people, one day.

This post is about finding your perfect foundation shade, which I still struggle with from time to time. Like most women, I have 4 different shades of foundation in my vanity at one time and most of the time my skin is a mixture of multiple shades which can really get intense! If you are one of the many that need help in this area, this post is a great place to start!

So Fresh Fridays!

As you all know, I am a huge fan of Too Faced Cosmetics. I especially love their palettes and their new additions are no exception. I cannot wait to try these!

Image (5)

The Secret to No Makeup Fresh and Flawless Face – This palette is very similar to their Natural Face Palette, which I previously blogged about here, but has more pink tones rather than neutral/bronze tones. This will be the perfect addition to my spring makeup collection. It includes everything you need for that perfect, flawless face and you can throw it in your purse for those as needed touch-ups. Perfect if you ask me!

Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush– I REALLY hope I get this little gem for Valentine’s Day…hint, hint! This blush mixes three perfect colors which means this stuff is goof proof! Not too dark. Not too light. Just a perfect, romantic flush. I have a feeling many ladies will be wearing this come February 14th. Don’t think I am going to forget to mention the ADORABLE heart shaped packaging. I am in love! Can’t all makeup palettes come in a heart shaped box or maybe a bunny shape. Bunnies are pretty cute too!

Boudoir Eyes Shadow Collection– I own multiple Too Faced Eye Shadow Palettes but this one is really doing it for me and I don’t even own it yet! As I have mentioned before, I don’t often do a black smokey eye because I feel like it shuts my eyes and makes them look small. No bueno in my book! So, as an alternative to black, I often use purple tone eyeshadows. Now you can see why I am so excited about this palette! I also love that these palettes come with how-to Glamour Guides to help create that perfect Boudoir Eye!

Curly Haired Girls Dream


Growing up, I had really curly hair and I absolutely HATED having is brushed! I would get the worst knots and, no joke, my mom would have to use and entire bottle of detangler to get rid of them. Over the  years, I have never found a brush that gently detangles my hair after I have washed it. I used cringe when I would brush my wet hair because I could just feel it breaking but I have finally the solution! Well, technically my mom and sister found me the solution. It is called the Wet Brush and its thin, flexible bristles eliminate tugging, tearing, pulling, and ripping. I mean, this thing is literally GENIUS and you have to try it!

So fun!

Photos courtesy of Urban Decay and My Latest Obsession

Photos courtesy of Urban Decay and My Latest Obsession

Last month I stumbled upon something so fun on, a Deluxe Mystery Travel Bag! For $16, you get some or Urban Decay’s best and most sought after products in full and travel size. I didn’t realize how genius this was until I actually received the package. Sure, travel size might sound kind of boring but when you get the perfect little .51 oz. bottle of All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, you realized “Wait, I did need this in my life!”

Each Travel Bag Includes:

– Sample Eyeshadow Primer Potion
– Travel size All Nighter Setting Spray
– Mini 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil in Rehab
– Sample Supercurl Curling Mascara
– Full Size Lip Junky lip gloss in Naked

Off-Duty Chic!

If you want to look effortlessly cool, here is Cosmo’s guide on how to achieve that!


Girl, look at that body!

The title of this post was inspired by that oh-so-annoying but oh-so-catchy LMFAO song where they repeat “Girl, look at that body” about a million times but then end with the unforgettable line…”I workout!”

Seeing as it’s the beginning of a new year and we are all starting fresh with many things in our life, I figured why not talk about the one thing that must be on at least 75%  of peoples resolution lists this year, to get into shape! Yes, while at the gym we will all be sweaty, most likely wearing no makeup and putting our hair in a ponytail but that does not mean that we can’t still dress cute! Gone are the days of the over sized sports team t-shirt and unattractive workout pants. Now, it’s almost impossible to not find cute workout clothes that you can actually go run errands in after your workout and not be completely embarrassed if you see someone you know or, God forbid, your ex-boyfriend! These clothes will actually make him think “Damn, why did I give that up?”


Chilly Burrrr-Burrrr!


Although it is still hot down here in Florida, most of the country is fighting those Wintertime cold snaps. Yes, Wintertime can be beautiful but it can also wreak havoc on your skin! The dry, cold weather can easily cause dry, chapped patches but if you use the correct products, you should be able to come out of the cold smooth as a baby’s butt! Woo hoo!

First, let’s start with your skin. In order to keep your face in tip-top shape during the cold months, make sure you switch your cleanser to something more gentle and creamy. Continuing with anything too rough or foam-like and it will just strip your skin of those natural oils that it needs during the Winter months. If you use toner, back off using it. Toner is another product that tends to dry out your skin. If you are more on the oily side and feel like you must use toner, switch to a gentler formula. The final steps in most everyone’s face routine is moisturizer and this obviously needs to remain and possibly be amped up a bit! Just as your face wash, it’s important to use a moisturizer that is creamy and don’t forget to buy one with sunscreen. The sun may not be beating down but those harmful rays are still there!

Second, make sure your lips stay kiss-ably soft by using a lip conditioner vs. a lip balm. I am not sure how true this is but I heard most lip balms actually contain ingredients that make your lips peel so that you have to keep re-applying it over and over, which of course means for sales for them. The perfect compliment to your lip conditioner is an exfoliator. If you have not added a lip exfoliator to your routine yet, this is the perfect time. Just as we exfoliate our faces and bodies, it is just as import to exfoliate those lips!

Finally, we need to make sure our hands and feet stay moisturized! These areas are often some of the worst places for dry, chapped skin. My favorite hand and foot moisturizers are Bliss Spa products. They are so thick and creamy and their foot moisturizer has this delicious minty, tingly sensation. Just delectable!

Happy moisturizing!

Happy New Year!


I know I took a bit of a hiatus for the holidays but I am back and just wanted to wish you all a Happy 2013! Let’s make it the best yet!

My Life Is Now Complete!


OMG Y’all! If you are anything like me, you love, love, love a gel manicure. Unfortunately, the only way to get that was by going to the nail salon…until now! Sally Hansen has created an at home gel manicure set and I have to say, I came into this relationship VERY skeptical but I was absolutely blown away!

Not only does the end result look just as good (maybe even better) than the nail salon but it is also a much faster turn around time as you only have to cure each layer for 30 seconds vs. 3 minutes at the nail salon. Here is a quick rundown of the process:

  • Clean nails with pre-soaked nail wipe.
  • Apply the base coat to your 4 fingers and cure for 30 seconds under the LED light. Apply a base coat to your thumb and cure for 30 seconds. Follow the same steps on each hand.
  • Once you have applied your base coat, you will apply one layer of color, cure for 30 seconds and then add another layer of color.
  • Once the color is complete, you will apply one layer of the top coat. Cure that for 30 seconds and then use the handy dandy nail wipes to get the uber-glossy high shine. Whala! Manicure complete.

I am excited to see just how long this thing last…stay tuned!

So Fresh Fridays!

Carrie+Underwood+2012+CMT+Artists+Year+Arrivals+-__UoxAVPzClSay goodbye to the little black dress and hello to the little black jumpsuit! If you really want to make a statement at your next party or formal function, opt for one of these dressier jumpsuits instead of your usual cocktail or LBD. I guess this would be called and LBJ but every time I hear LBJ I think of LeBron James so I am not sure LBJ is going to catch on but we can sure try!