Sexiest Man Alive

I am glad the world has finally figured out what I have known for years. Channing Tatum is the Sexiest Man Alive!

Santa Clause is Coming to Town

For the next month or so, I will be featuring Christmas gift ideas for all of those special people in your life.

Since this is a beauty blog, I have to start by featuring an amazing case of goodies from Sephora. I received something similar to this a few years back but this makeup train case is just beyond! It really puts the one I received to shame.

Included in this case are:

– 64 x waterproof eye shadow
– 12 x longwear cream eyeliner
– 6 x eye top coat
– 6 x lip top coat
– 48 x lip gloss
– 3 x blush
– 6 x multi-purpose cream for eye, cheek, and lip
– 3 x multi-purpose luminizer
– 3 x makeup brush
– Mirror

This case is a great start for those of you wanting to branch out with your typical makeup routine. It has some great, vibrant colors but also includes safe options. Good luck experimenting!

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween everyone! I love this holiday because the celebs really know how to take Halloween to the next level. I guess when you have all that money you can really go over the top with your costume. So fun!

Here are some of my favorite looks from this past weekend. Enjoy!

From top left: The entire Fashion Police team, Kanye and Kim as a sailor and mermaid, Emma Roberts paying tribute to her Aunt Julia by dressing as the prostitute from Pretty Woman, and Lauren Conrad as, well I am not really sure but I still love it!

Team Spirit

The 2012-2013 NBA season kicks off tonight so in order to make sure we all look as stylish as possible when cheering on our favorite teams, I am going to give you some Game Attire tips.

The great thing attending NBA games is that we no longer have to be slaves to men’s t-shirts, jeans and unattractive flats. As far as I am concerned, some of the most stylish outfits I see are now sitting in arena bowls.

I won’t go too far into this subject but I do think that the Ladies NBA apparel selection, t-shirts especially, really needs some work but luckily, we don’t have to wear t-shirts to show our team spirit. All you have to do is wear your team colors and you are good to go! Whether that is in your shirt, pants (thank God we are in a colored denim fashion moment), jewelry, shoes, or even your makeup!

If you are going to go with wearing a team colored top or pants, my favorite look is a looser/flowy top with skinny jeans and heels or flats-keep in mind some of those stairs in arenas are brutal so if you aren’t so good in heels on flat land, maybe wear flats instead.

If you prefer to keep your clothing team color neutral but still want to show your support, use your teams colors as eyeliner inspiration! A few years ago I was able to meet Rihanna at an Orlando Magic game and as mentioned in my earlier post here, I became obsessed with her Magic blue liner (photo above is actually from that night) and even ran out and got some the next day! I still rock the blue liner from time to time to show support for my Magic.

If you are a die hard and just must wear a t-shirt with your teams name on it, please at least make the shirt as stylish as possible and pick one with a little more shape. Women’s sporting apparel tends to stick with the same trend across the board, stick a team logo on a baby tee, throw on some crystals, maybe add some pink and you are good to go! Well, what they have failed to consider is that the female sports fan demographic has greatly expanded and now includes fashionistas all over the world. I have faith that one day this will change.

Now that I have given you my game day style tips, I expect to see you all in arenas across the country cheering on your fave teams!

Pop of Color

I find there is no better tip to make my eyes pop than lining my waterline. As I mentioned in my previous post here, when I line my lower lash line with a dark color, it tends to makes my eyes look much smaller and I look tired but sometimes I still want that definition so I line my waterline instead.

I know most people use black in order to do this, which I use most of the time too, but my favorite tip is to line ONLY your waterline with a colored liner. Now, I am not a fan of lining with too contrasting of a color (think a seafoam green with black liner) but I LOVE using a deep purple, emerald green and one of my absolute favorites,  Navy!

A couple of my favorite colored liners are from Sonia Kashuk’s line at Target. The purple liner is called Purple Passion and the Navy is called Sapphire.

Here are a couple of examples to show this pop of color! The top photo used emerald green and the bottom used purple.

So Fresh Fridays!


Today’s So Fresh Fridays! features new arrivals from J. Crew. I am pretty certain I need all of these items. Too bad I don’t have a money tree in my backyard. So wrong!

From top left: French Bulldog Sweater, Floral Dress, Neon Tip Pumps, Red Peplum Dress

Who Wants to Win a $150 Topshop Gift Card?


With the Trick or Tweet Competition (how cute is that contest name?), we all have a chance to score a $150 gift card to Topshop! As we all know, social media has taken over the world and Topshop is using that to it’s advantage. In order to enter the competition, all you have to do is tweet (@topshop) or Instagram (Topshop) a picture of your Halloween costume or your favorite Halloween style tip with hashtag #trickortweet! The good people at Topshop will then select the best tweets to receive the gift cards. Trick or Tweet will be open for business October 26-31.

I can’t forget to talk about the reason they are doing this whole contest, can I? Trick or Tweet is the platform they are using to launch to spookily spectacular Halloween Collection which you can view here! Below are a couple of my favorite pieces.



DailyCandy Scout App

DailyCandy has launched their free app, DailyCandy Scout, and it is now available for iPhone, iPad and iTouch users. Their app will allow the everyday customer to become a contributor. How great is that?

Also, if you haven’t had a chance to visit DailyCandy yet, I highly suggest you do. It is a great website that offers trend-setting ideas for all walks of life.

For more information on this new app, click here.

Calling all Kate Spade Lovelies!


Come Spring 2013, all Kate Spade fans will have something to celebrate! The global lifestyle brand we all love so much has announced the online launch of it’s more affordable line, Kate Spade Saturday. I didn’t think I could love the weekend anymore than I do now but with the addition of Kate Spade Saturday’s, I think I just might!

The line will include everything from apparel to home decor and, hold on to your seats ladies, it is priced about 50% below it’s parent company, Kate Spade New York. Holla!

Expect to see the bright colors and adorable prints we are used to seeing from Kate Spade but with items geared more towards the 25-35 age range.

I have saved the best for last. Not only will the online store be offering super affordable pieces but they will apparently have a “customization station” where you can personalize your weekend bag to perfectly fit your personality.

I love Saturdays!

First Look at Jessica Biel’s Wedding Dress!


Here is everyone’s first look at Jessica Biel’s wedding dress! I absolutely love it! It is a great mix is the classic bridal style and lines but super modern with the pink hue. Well done, Jess. Well done.

I will post more once I purchase People Magazine and really get all the goods.