Cropped Man Pants…I can’t!

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Dear Dwyane Wade,

I have 7 words for you…CROPPED MAN PANTS ARE A NO-NO! Yes, I made up the term ‘cropped man pants’. I believe the proper term would be an ankle pant but as you can see from my photo, on a 6’4″ professional male athelete, cropped man pants don’t look good….EVER! Not even on JJ Redick and that is saying a lot people! They may be Gucci cropped man pants but they are cropped man pants none the less.

The thing that actually frightens me the most is that Mr. Wade probably actually had this Gucci suit custom made and chose to shorten the length of the pant. HE ACTUALLY CHOSE TO SHORTEN THE PANT! That kind of makes me want to throw up. Not really but I need to express my complete confusion over this pant choice.

I expect Dwyane to make nothing but perfect style decisions from here on out. This is the playoffs and the playoffs are not a joke! Get it together.

OK, I am done. I think these pants will haunt me forever or for the next 15 minutes until I forget I even wrote this post. I can barely remember what I did 5 minutes ago!


So Fresh Fridays!

Carrie+Underwood+2012+CMT+Artists+Year+Arrivals+-__UoxAVPzClSay goodbye to the little black dress and hello to the little black jumpsuit! If you really want to make a statement at your next party or formal function, opt for one of these dressier jumpsuits instead of your usual cocktail or LBD. I guess this would be called and LBJ but every time I hear LBJ I think of LeBron James so I am not sure LBJ is going to catch on but we can sure try!

Seeing Spots


I love anything with polka dots! Yes, they are very cutesy but it is possible for an adult to wear them and still look chic. My best advice is to keep the polka dots minimal. Choose a cardigan, blazer, dress, or a pair of ballet flats and keep everything else simple. Keeping it simple doesn’t mean you have to keep it neutral. Pairing a navy sweater with white polka dots over a white button down and pairing with emerald green skinny jeans is a super cute combination.

I prefer large polka dots vs. small polka dots. Why you ask? To be honest, the small polka dots hurt my eyes and I find that no bueno!

I hope you will be seeing spots in your future.

So Graphic

I love graphic tees! They are such a fun addition to any outfit and can really show a lot about your personality. Over the years, Urban Outfitters has really been the leader of fun graphic tees but now everyone seems to be joining in on the fun. Sure, most retailers have always sold the “look at my logo” graphic tee but those are the types of tees I like the least.

My personal favorite way to style a graphic tee is with a blazer and skinny jeans or shorts. Since it is chilly burr burr outside, throw on some tights under your shorts to ensure you stay warm!

You can even throw it with a frilly skirt and cardigan for a perfect Spring Saturday look. The options really are endless. Happy styling!

So Fresh Fridays!


It’s official ladies! Emerald Green is now the most popular kid in school and by that I mean it has been selected by Pantone as the “Color of the Year”. I find this selection much better than last years Tangerine hue. I mean, who ACTUALLY looks good in Tangerine?! And can we please discuss Tangerine makeup. I mean, yuck. Not even Victoria’s Secret Models would look good in Tangerine eye shadow which says a lot because they basically look good in everything or I guess I should say out of everything since they only wear a bra and underwear most of the time. Anyways, have so much fun experimenting with this color. It is such a rich hue that you can’t go wrong!

So Fresh Fridays x 2!

I have not only one but TWO So Fresh Fridays picks this week. With the holidays right around the corner, all companies are whipping out their big guns and I myself could not be more excited because it gives me LOTS of things to talk about!

First, we have Urban Decay’s NAKED Basics palette. They really kept this a great secret until a few days ago and I am expecting this palette will be just as successful as the NAKED and NAKED 2. The NAKED palette is the best selling palette of all time. OF. ALL. TIME! That is just crazy! The difference between this palette and its predecessor is that there are about half the number of shadows and they are all matte vs. the other two which have matte and shimmer. This palette is available at ULTA, Sephora and

Second, we have the much anticipated collaboration between Target, Neiman Marcus and a number of super famous designers which starts 12/1. The fabulous thing about this exciting venture is the fact that all items will be available at Target AND Neiman Marcus! If you have ever attempted to purchase designer collections at Target in the past, you know girls wait in line before doors just so they can snag all the inventory and sell it on ebay! I can’t even hate, it’s a smart idea. Anyways, now that it will be available in multiple retailers, it should make grabbing your favorite items a little easier.


Grown Up Tutu

This skirt is perfection but are we surprised? It is from Anthropologie and everything they do is beyond perfect. If I had one wish, it would be for this to magically appear in my closet. I mean, I might not even ever wear it, I would possibly just place it in my closet and stare at it. I love this skirt so much because you can pair it with a denim button up for a laid back vibe or you could place it with a bustier top and peep toe pumps or a pair of really cute heels for an instant party ready look! Plus, this gorgeous creme color goes with everything! This is like the Channing Tatum of skirts; the more you look at it, the better it gets!

Party Perfection!

It’s that time of year ladies! I don’t know about you, but I love any excuse to get fancy for a party and lucky for us, all those holiday parties are just around the corner. Here are my picks to look Party Perfect!

Holiday Gifts Under $25

Suri’s Burn Book ($12.95) – If you have not had the pleasure of visiting, you must do it now! This site was the inspiration behind the book and it provides endless amounts of laughs.

Macaron Case ($10) – What a cute little case to carry around all of those necessities. Pins, spare change, jewelery…pretty much any little thing you can think of. Adorable!

Someecards Calendar ($12.95) UPDATE: This item sold out at Barnes & Noble. It is available through 3rd party sellers but is much more expensive. The 3rd party seller on B& is selling for $82.95 and it keeps increasing by the day. B&N will have more stock available in 3-5 weeks – If you are anything like me, you Pin at least 3 someecards a day. What better way to start your day than revealing a new ecard each morning? Sign me up!

Twig Monogram Charm ($18) – I love Anthropologie! It is probably my favorite store behind Sephora and when I find a gem like these Twig Charms, I get uber excited!  Love, Love, Love!!

Stila ‘All is Bright’ Lip Glace Set ($25) – This is a great stocking stuffer for all of those girly-girls in your life. What I love about it is that all of these lip glosses are neutral which means they will look good on any skin tone and you can use them for daytime and nighttime looks!

Anthropologie Candle ($25) – If you want your house to smell like Anthropologie, this is your candle. It smells so delicious and can we talk about that jar?! Perfection!

E.L.F. Clutch Palette ($15) – For all of you on a budget, this is your go to gift. Look at all of the items you get for just $15! Perfect gift for for the perfect price.

LOVE Ring ($17) – My favorite gift on my under $25 holiday gift list is this wonderfully charming LOVE wire ring in gold. I actually own this very ring and am so obsessed that I practically wear it everyday!

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