About Me

I started this blog as an outlet for all the random things that pop up in my head and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

Since writing about myself is just really awkward and uncomfortable, I’ll just list a few tidbits:

My favorite part of the day is getting ready. I love to do my hair and makeup. I get REALLY excited when I have two things to do in one day because that means I get to re-do my hair and makeup. YAY!!!

There are 5 people in life I would want to trade places with: 1)Carrie Underwood 2) Beyonce 3) Lauren Conrad 4) Ivanka Trump 5) Rob Dyrdek (yes, Rob Dyrdek. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to mess around in the Fantasy Factory all day? Sign me up!)

I could people watch for hours on end.

I love puppies.

I wish I was good enough at a sport to go to the Olympics. If accurate gel eye liner application was an Olympic sport, I would totally get a Gold Medal! No joke.

I cry when the Magic lose in playoffs. Sad, I know!

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