Mic check…is this thing on?


Was I seriously MIA for 5 months?! How does that even happen? I don’t have an answer to that question but who cares! I’m back people so I hope you’re ready.

To kick off my return, I’m going to do a little review of OCC Cosmetics Lip Tar. I am a little late to the Lip Tar party but as they say, better late than never! I have to admit, when the buzz about this product started getting really loud, I was very hesitant to purchase because I thought “Hmmm…Lip Tar?! That stuff must be reallllly thick. No thanks!” So I went about my merry way and I think what is years later, I finally decided to give it a go.

I purchased what looked in the package to be a perfect shade of nude (Interlace) but as is often the case with nude lip color, it ended up being the totally wrong shade for my skin tone. I mean, I looked dead y’all! Since I couldn’t use it as a lip color (yes, I tried layering and that didn’t work either) so I decided to get crazy and try it as a cheek color. You guys, I really stumbled on something here! The texture is much thinner than I was expecting, almost runny, but when you put it on it turns into this luxurious, creamy texture that is so easy to blend.

I cannot wait to return to my happy place, Sephora, and purchase some different shades that compliment my skin tone better so I can actually wear it on my lips. I am dying to try the deep burgundy/wine shades for fall!

It’s good to be back lovelies! XOXO

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