Bronze Goddess


Why do ladies love summer so much? It’s definitely not the humid air that makes our hair go completely whacky and it’s not the unbearably hot sun that melts our makeup off…definitely not! Us ladies love summer because we are tan! Not fake-n-bake tan but actual, I’ve been in the real life sun tan.

Being tan is the greatest gift of summer. We don’t have to wear as much makeup, when we do wear makeup it looks 10 times better AND being tan makes you look skinnier! True story.

Now, since we are all hopefully beginning to develop our summer tans, you must all go buy Tantalizer by Lorac. This stuff is absolutely amazing! I can’t really put it into better words than Sephora so I’ll just jack their description for now…

“TANtalize, mesmerize, and moisturize with this LORAC’s Bronzing Body Luminizer. This quick-drying makeup instantly gives your skin a sexy, flawless, better-than-natural tan, without streaking.”

If we took a pole, I would bet that most women use this product solely as a bronzing, body makeup which is fine because that’s what it was made for but there are a couple other ways I like to use this product.

1. I sometimes mix a small amount with my BB Cream or foundation. This just gives my skin that extra bronze glow that I just love!

2. If you don’t want to use on your entire face, it is great as a bronzer on your checks! This formula has that gorgeous, smooth liquid finish that is sure to have people complimenting all day!

I have so much fun experimenting with this product and I hope you all do too! Happy tanning!


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