Just Dew It


My absolute favorite spring/summer makeup look is dewy skin with a bronze glow. This look is so perfect because it is pretty minimal and easy to achieve. Luckily, most of us spend a good amount of time in the sun during these hot summer days so we already have a natural tan going on, and all of us girls know that when you are tan, you don’t have to wear as much makeup. Holla!

The key pieces you will need to achieve that dewy look are:

Tinted Moisturizer or BB/CC/DD Cream: I can’t keep up honestly. I am still on BB Cream

Foundation: Sheer or Velvet finish. Matte is far too heavy for the summertime.

Bronzer: Preferably both matte and shimmer

Blush: cream or powder

Highlighter: this is what really makes that dewy finish pop!

Here are some of my favorite products. Everyone is different, so if you don’t like what you have, try something different! Makeup is all about trial and error. What one person loves, you might not like and that’s OK!

Tinted Moistruizer or BB/CC/DD Cream:

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream: My mom turned me on to this product and I have to say, it really is great! It is light and just makes your skin feel moisturized and clean. Don’t be fooled though, it does a fantastic job of covering uneven skin tones and those pesky imperfections.

Stila 10-in-1 Stay All Day HD Beauty Balm: I don’t often use Stila products but for some reason I decided to test this out in Sephora one day and I loved it! The formula is so thick and creamy. It also smells really good! They have two different shades, illuminating and bronzing. The illuminating is obviously not as dark as the bronzing so I tend to wear that under my foundation. When I purchase the bronzing, I may skip my foundation all together.


Anything with the words sheer, glow or healthy skin are all pretty good bets!

Makeup Forever HD Foundation/Revlon Photo Ready Foundation: I use Revlon’s Photo Ready Foundation every day. I used to use Makeup Forever’s HD Foundation but they are so similar that I couldn’t justify the price difference. It also comes in 13 shades!

Apply your foundation with your beauty blender of choice. It does not have to be the brand name Beauty Blender but Ulta and Sephora both have great alternative options. Before you begin applying, always dampen the sponge. It lightens the foundation application which is exactly what we want for this dewy glow!


Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick: My absolute favorite bronzer! Why? One, because it has a heavy shimmer finish and I love me some shimmer in the summertime. Two, it blends five different shades which all come together for the perfect bronze glow! Three, it is multipurpose. I use it as bronzer and eye shadow which is perfect for vacations when you don’t want to pack a lot of makeup. It also comes in gorgeous pink and rose shades which is great as a blush!

Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna: Remember earlier when I said you will need a bronzer in both a shimmer and matte finish? Well, this is your matte finish. Yes, it does have flecks of gold in it but for the most part, it is matte. I don’t really need to talk about how much I love Nars. They are just the best and their packaging is to die for!


Nars Blush in Orgasm: If you have not purchased or at least heard of this legendary color from Nars, you must be living under a rock! The reason this shade is so popular is because it is universally flattering. It literally looks good on everyone! Amazing.

Nars the Multiple: This is a cream stick blush with a shimmer finish. As with all Nars products, you really can’t go wrong. It is fool proof application. The formula is creamy and smooth which helps with blending.

Stila Convertible Color: This is a great cream blush! It has a nice, thick texture but the color is still sheer and perfect for those humid days ahead. It also comes in 9 shades so everyone should be able to find their perfect match!


Benefit Cosmetics Watt’s Up!: Let’s just start by saying Benefit Cosmetics has the best packaging in the biz but their products also live up to the hype! This bronzer is a cream stick and is a beautiful champagne color! I currently don’t own this product but am dying to purchase it!

Benefit Cosmetics High Beam/Sun Beam: These are essentially the same product but High Beam is a pink liquid highlighter and Sun Beam is a bronze liquid highlighter which is great for the olive/darker skinned ladies out there!

Josie Maran Argan Oil Illumizer: If you are a fan of Josie’s 100% Argan Oil then you are sure to be a fan of this Illuminizer! It packs the punch of our favorite moisturizing oil but has a gorgeous light bronze tint to it. And just like all of Josie’s other products, this Illumizer is free of all of those harsh chemical and ingredients our skin doesn’t love. High five, Josie! Keep up the good work.

Pack it all in with one punch:

Too Faced The Secret to No Makeup and Natural Face Natural Radiance Palette: If you are new to all of these products and this blog post has overwhelmed you, these two palettes are the PERFECT way to become acquainted with the dewy makeup look. Both of these kits come with Brozer, Blush, Concealer, Brightener, and Highlighter. Pretty much everything you will ever need!

Now that I have completely overloaded you with product suggestions, you should click here to watch this fantastic and easy tutorial by the fab Kristofer Buckle. Enjoy!

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