Girl, look at that body!

The title of this post was inspired by that oh-so-annoying but oh-so-catchy LMFAO song where they repeat “Girl, look at that body” about a million times but then end with the unforgettable line…”I workout!”

Seeing as it’s the beginning of a new year and we are all starting fresh with many things in our life, I figured why not talk about the one thing that must be on at least 75%  of peoples resolution lists this year, to get into shape! Yes, while at the gym we will all be sweaty, most likely wearing no makeup and putting our hair in a ponytail but that does not mean that we can’t still dress cute! Gone are the days of the over sized sports team t-shirt and unattractive workout pants. Now, it’s almost impossible to not find cute workout clothes that you can actually go run errands in after your workout and not be completely embarrassed if you see someone you know or, God forbid, your ex-boyfriend! These clothes will actually make him think “Damn, why did I give that up?”


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