My Life Is Now Complete!


OMG Y’all! If you are anything like me, you love, love, love a gel manicure. Unfortunately, the only way to get that was by going to the nail salon…until now! Sally Hansen has created an at home gel manicure set and I have to say, I came into this relationship VERY skeptical but I was absolutely blown away!

Not only does the end result look just as good (maybe even better) than the nail salon but it is also a much faster turn around time as you only have to cure each layer for 30 seconds vs. 3 minutes at the nail salon. Here is a quick rundown of the process:

  • Clean nails with pre-soaked nail wipe.
  • Apply the base coat to your 4 fingers and cure for 30 seconds under the LED light. Apply a base coat to your thumb and cure for 30 seconds. Follow the same steps on each hand.
  • Once you have applied your base coat, you will apply one layer of color, cure for 30 seconds and then add another layer of color.
  • Once the color is complete, you will apply one layer of the top coat. Cure that for 30 seconds and then use the handy dandy nail wipes to get the uber-glossy high shine. Whala! Manicure complete.

I am excited to see just how long this thing last…stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “My Life Is Now Complete!

  1. I’ve heard so many ppl talk about getting this done at the salon but don’t really understand the difference between this and acrylic. I have heard the polish lasts longer is that the only difference?

    • When I think of Acrylic Nails, I think of a process that is used to make your nails longer (by adding the tip) and the overlay is often very thick which can make your manicure look a bit unnatural. I think it is very easy to spot someone who has Acrylic Nails. Gel, on the other hand, is just more a of super long lasting polish. It looks just like a regular polish manicure but it retains the shine and last much, much longer than regular polish.

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