So Fresh Fridays x 2!

I have not only one but TWO So Fresh Fridays picks this week. With the holidays right around the corner, all companies are whipping out their big guns and I myself could not be more excited because it gives me LOTS of things to talk about!

First, we have Urban Decay’s NAKED Basics palette. They really kept this a great secret until a few days ago and I am expecting this palette will be just as successful as the NAKED and NAKED 2. The NAKED palette is the best selling palette of all time. OF. ALL. TIME! That is just crazy! The difference between this palette and its predecessor is that there are about half the number of shadows and they are all matte vs. the other two which have matte and shimmer. This palette is available at ULTA, Sephora and

Second, we have the much anticipated collaboration between Target, Neiman Marcus and a number of super famous designers which starts 12/1. The fabulous thing about this exciting venture is the fact that all items will be available at Target AND Neiman Marcus! If you have ever attempted to purchase designer collections at Target in the past, you know girls wait in line before doors just so they can snag all the inventory and sell it on ebay! I can’t even hate, it’s a smart idea. Anyways, now that it will be available in multiple retailers, it should make grabbing your favorite items a little easier.


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