Holiday Gifts Over $100!

Bobbi Brown 2012 Holiday Trunk ($1,000) – Holy holiday gift set! If you are looking to REALLY impress any lady of your life, look no further. The trunk includes everything you will ever need to look your best. It has skincare, makeup and makeup tools. Not only does it have everything you need to look fab day or night, it also comes in this great travel case so you can take it everywhere with you. Now that’s what I call a great gift!

No Shoes Nation Tour VIP Package ($699) – I am a Southern girl and I love me some country music so I of course had to include this awesome tour package. Kenny Chesney is country music’s biggest artist (he only plays stadiums people. STADIUMS! How crazy is that?) and he is hitting the road again this Spring. Click on the link to check out all the awesome experiences the package has to offer! As Kenny would say, “No shoes, no shirt, no problems!” Oh, and I can’t forget to mention he is hitting the road with the super hot Eric Church…swoon!

Clarisonic ($235) – This is not the first time I have featured this product on my blog and as they come up with more products, I am sure it is not going to be the last! The reason this set is so great is because it includes everything you need to get started and once you go Clarisonic, you never go back! It comes with a face brush, body brush, cleanser, exfoliator, and of course the Clairsonic itself. Also, it comes in a super cute bag and let’s be honest, sometimes we just buy things because the packaging is cute.

Tieks Ballet Flats ($165-$295) – If you are looking for a stylish flat that can also fit in your purse, look no further than Tieks! What sets Tieks apart from all the others is that they are made with super high quality leather which means they will be more comfortable and they will last longer. Also, did I mention the teal bottom? Totally adorable!

BHLDN Gloves ($150) – I absolutely adore these gloves. The neutral color is perfect for fall and that bow! There are no words. If you are not familiar with Anthropologie’s wedding line, I suggest you do some studying, but be prepared to become obsessed! For those of you out there that are thinking it is only bridal gowns, strap on your seat belt and get ready! They offer everything from wedding gowns to gifts to decor. It is like your dream Pinterest rustic wedding come to life!

Gucci Ostrich Bag ($7,800) – Seriously with this bag? I mean, how perfect is this?! I could actually NEVER spend this much on a handbag but it is absolutely stunning and I really hope someone in my presence does want to spend that much on a bag just so I can see it in person on a person, not on the store shelf. Oh to dream…

ZGallerie Coffee Table ($699) – Can you believe this table is $7,100 cheaper than the Gucci handbag? CRAZY! Anyways, I love any piece of furniture that is mirrored and I especially love any piece of furniture that is mirrored and warn. The mixture of the wood and mirrors is perfection! I want it.

iPad Mini ($329) – What Christmas list is complete without an Apple product? I mean, come on, it is 2012! The iPad even speaks for itself, not much I need to say here expect I prefer the white. The white is much cuter!

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