Holiday Gifts $50-$75!

Labeled Mixing Bowls ($59)  – For anyone that really knows me, this first product is probably making them laugh out loud. Anything that has to do with the kitchen other than a coffee machine and microwave, is pretty much foreign to me. Although I don’t know how to cook my peeps at work can vouch for my baking skills. One time, yes I said ONE time, I baked these cookie/oreo/brownie things (thanks, Pinterest), that I must say were pretty amazing!

Modernist Ring ($68) – LOVE this ring! The gold and grey really play well off each other well and since it has a little sparkle, you could even wear this to all those fancy parties.

Pink and Gold Sugar ($55) –  THE MOST DELICIOUS SMELLING PERFUME EVER! Sorry for the yelling but I just cannot contain my excitement when it come to this stuff. I actually hesitated putting it on my blog because it has been my signature scent for years and I don’t like to share! I mean, let’s be honest, I realize that I am not the only one who knows about this stuff but every time this scent is left out of a fragrance feature in all of the popular magazines, I do a little celebratory jig!

Urban Outfitters Cardigan ($69) – I am obsessed with this cardigan. It is so casual chic! I picture myself wearing this cardigan and sipping on a latte on the front porch of my Colorado Ranch while my hot mountain man husband cooks me breakfast. Oh wait, sorry. I got lost in fantasy land. Back to reality. I picture myself wearing this cardigan and sipping Folgers on my couch from Rooms-To-Go while the love of my life who has flowing black hair is in the kitchen…eating her dog food like a slob. Ah reality!

Cross Pendant ($66) – How adorable is this little cross? It is so dainty and is perfect to wear alone or to use when layering. Even though I chose the Cross (shout out to the big man upstairs), they do offer many other options as well. All just as equally cute!

Dolce Vita Sandal ($69) – I know, I know. I am featuring a sandal in November when most of the country is currently experiencing boot weather but lucky for you, I am in Florida and it is always sandal weather! Woo hoo! With every color this sandal is offered in (teal, coral, white, black), the gold accents really pop. Great statement shoe!

Gold Script Necklace ($66) – I have worn this necklace twice this week already and have received at least 3 compliments a day. Although you can wear it alone, I choose to use it as my shortest layer in my necklace cascade (I didn’t want to say “layer in my necklace layer” so I chose the word “cascade”. I am so fancy! hehe).

Heart Sweater ($59) – I am loving all of these sweaters with personality! From French Bulldogs to hearts, I will take all of them. I have yet to purchase one but it is on my short list! Pair it with a collared button up or leggings and boots for a casual look. Perfection!


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