Holiday Gifts Under $25

Suri’s Burn Book ($12.95) – If you have not had the pleasure of visiting, you must do it now! This site was the inspiration behind the book and it provides endless amounts of laughs.

Macaron Case ($10) – What a cute little case to carry around all of those necessities. Pins, spare change, jewelery…pretty much any little thing you can think of. Adorable!

Someecards Calendar ($12.95) UPDATE: This item sold out at Barnes & Noble. It is available through 3rd party sellers but is much more expensive. The 3rd party seller on B& is selling for $82.95 and it keeps increasing by the day. B&N will have more stock available in 3-5 weeks – If you are anything like me, you Pin at least 3 someecards a day. What better way to start your day than revealing a new ecard each morning? Sign me up!

Twig Monogram Charm ($18) – I love Anthropologie! It is probably my favorite store behind Sephora and when I find a gem like these Twig Charms, I get uber excited!  Love, Love, Love!!

Stila ‘All is Bright’ Lip Glace Set ($25) – This is a great stocking stuffer for all of those girly-girls in your life. What I love about it is that all of these lip glosses are neutral which means they will look good on any skin tone and you can use them for daytime and nighttime looks!

Anthropologie Candle ($25) – If you want your house to smell like Anthropologie, this is your candle. It smells so delicious and can we talk about that jar?! Perfection!

E.L.F. Clutch Palette ($15) – For all of you on a budget, this is your go to gift. Look at all of the items you get for just $15! Perfect gift for for the perfect price.

LOVE Ring ($17) – My favorite gift on my under $25 holiday gift list is this wonderfully charming LOVE wire ring in gold. I actually own this very ring and am so obsessed that I practically wear it everyday!

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