Pop of Color

I find there is no better tip to make my eyes pop than lining my waterline. As I mentioned in my previous post here, when I line my lower lash line with a dark color, it tends to makes my eyes look much smaller and I look tired but sometimes I still want that definition so I line my waterline instead.

I know most people use black in order to do this, which I use most of the time too, but my favorite tip is to line ONLY your waterline with a colored liner. Now, I am not a fan of lining with too contrasting of a color (think a seafoam green with black liner) but I LOVE using a deep purple, emerald green and one of my absolute favorites,  Navy!

A couple of my favorite colored liners are from Sonia Kashuk’s line at Target. The purple liner is called Purple Passion and the Navy is called Sapphire.

Here are a couple of examples to show this pop of color! The top photo used emerald green and the bottom used purple.

2 thoughts on “Pop of Color

    • Thanks, Katie! Yes, I love the purple too. I have hazel eyes to the purple really brings out the green.

      Let me know how you like it once you try or if you try any other colors that work well!

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