Can we just talk about this entire look?! It is all perfection! From her shoes, to her dress, to her hair, and of course that perfect face of natural makeup, there isn’t a whole lot about this look I don’t want to steal. Oh, I forgot the jewelry! The jewelry is also perfect.

I absolutely love mixing dressy and casual pieces! Take a fancy dress and pair it with a leather jacket or a pencil skirt with a v-neck tee. If you don’t want to incorporate any casual pieces into your wardrobe but still want that casual look, throw your hair up into a messy bun or create a fishtail braid just like Kim Kardashian has done in this photo.

I recently learned how to create a fishtail braid (not nearly as difficult as I was expecting) via Lauren Conrad’s beauty blog The Beauty Department. You can check out the video here!

I think I am going to rock this look next time I have to look fancy schmancy! Which, let’s be honest, isn’t very often but now I have a look to look forward to!


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