Calling all Kate Spade Lovelies!


Come Spring 2013, all Kate Spade fans will have something to celebrate! The global lifestyle brand we all love so much has announced the online launch of it’s more affordable line, Kate Spade Saturday. I didn’t think I could love the weekend anymore than I do now but with the addition of Kate Spade Saturday’s, I think I just might!

The line will include everything from apparel to home decor and, hold on to your seats ladies, it is priced about 50% below it’s parent company, Kate Spade New York. Holla!

Expect to see the bright colors and adorable prints we are used to seeing from Kate Spade but with items geared more towards the 25-35 age range.

I have saved the best for last. Not only will the online store be offering super affordable pieces but they will apparently have a “customization station” where you can personalize your weekend bag to perfectly fit your personality.

I love Saturdays!

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