Allure’s 31 Days of Best of Beauty

When I came across this Best of Beauty winner in the Breakthrough Product category, my first thought was “There is no way that works!” Since I have thick, curly hair I can’t imagine that any flatiron would successfully smooth out my curls if the temperature was under 450 degrees but that is just what the Coolway system claims to do.

Here is how it works  (via Allure Magazine):

No matter how many protective ingredients you spray on hair before you style it, the heat from an iron still causes the water that’s inside every strand to evaporate. Once that moisture disappears, the heat then melts the proteins responsible for hair strength and structure. One of Coolway’s engineers guessed that if they could boost the amount of water inside hair, “we could then achieve the same styles at much lower temperatures,” says James Humphreys, the company’s chief technical officer. But how? Humphreys was inspired by golf courses, where a wetting agent—which lowers the surface tension of water, allowing it to spread more easily—is added to sprinkler systems so the water saturates the ground more evenly, rather than pooling in random spots. Coolway’s prestyling spray follows the same principle, using an amino acid blend that allows water to penetrate the cortex of the hair more deeply and evenly. Next, they worked with engineers to create a scanner that measures hair’s texture and moisture content, as well as the humidity in the air, in order to calculate the lowest temperature that will work to straighten and smooth the hair that day. (You pass the iron over a small section of hair three times to set the heat.) “So the same person, in the desert one day and in New York the next, would get a completely different reading because the moisture content of her hair would change in the different locations,” says Humphreys. All these innovations add up to some pretty impressive results: Company-sponsored clinical studies show the Coolway system (spray and tool used together) strengthened damaged hair by more than 300 percent, reduced breakage by 75 percent, and reduced frizz by more than 50 percent.

If I can get the same results without as much damage, I am all in! Click here to visit Coolway’s website.

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