Allure’s 31 Days of Best of Beauty

My favorite drugstore foundation, possibly my favorite foundation period, is Revlon’s PhotoReady Foundation. I currently have 3 different shades in my vanity. One for my ‘spray tan skin’, one for my ‘my spray tan is a week old’ skin and one for my ‘I have no spray tan’ skin. I often mix these colors as well to achieve that perfect foundation color.

An outstanding compliment to Revlon’s PhotoReady Foundation is the PhotoReady Primer. The line I would compare PhotoReady to is Make Up Forever’s HD line. If any of you have used Make Up Forever’s HD Foundation, you know this stuff is legit but can put a dent in your wallet. These Revlon products are a great alternative that won’t break the bank!

TIP: Mix your primer with your foundation rather than putting it on first. This will help your foundation adhere to your skin better which makes it last longer!

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