World Smile Day

Happy World Smile Day! In honor of this day, which was started by the creator of the original yellow and black smiley, I am listing some tips to get those pearly whites looking as beautiful as possible!

1) Limit red wine, coffee, black tea, and soda. If it is dark going in, chances are it will stain your teeth. Try using a straw when drinking these beverages to avoid direct contact with your teeth (let’s maybe not drink red wine with a straw, we have to keep some dignity)!

2) DON’T SMOKE. Period.

3) Use a whitening tooth paste and brush at least twice a day. You are supposed to brush for 3-4 minutes each time you brush but let’s be honest, who actually brushes that long? I know I don’t and I have never had a cavity so there, man who made up that stupid rule!

4) If you really need some help, I know I do, invest in a bleaching agent. For those of us who are impatient, I would choose laser whitening. The procedure only takes an hour and you can improve your smile by up to 10 shades. Sounds good to me! There are also whitening trays provided by your dentist (I am actually getting this done soon so I will keep you posted on my progress) and at home whitening strips. I have used Professional Crest White Strips before with great success. I highly recommend them!

5) For the ladies, use a medium coral or light red lipstick to make your teeth look whiter. It works, I swear!

Let’s all take advantage of this day and smile at everyone we see! You never know, you could brighten someones day 🙂

PS: Can I also just say I am soooo glad that Harvey Ball designed the original smiley because without it, I would not have so many emoticons to use during texting. Emoticons are my favorite! They really spice up my text messages, if I do say so myself.









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