Just call me Cher…

One of my favorite movies to this day is Clueless! I was 11 years old when it was released and I can remember the scene where Cher was in her mega-huge bedroom trying to figure out what to wear. Normal people typically open their closet door and that is that but not Cher! She had all of her clothes cataloged in a computer program that would tell her what matched and what didn’t AND she could also dress herself and see how that chosen outfit would look on her. Brilliant!!

Little did we know that 14 years later

most of us would be using smart phones and there would be all kinds of apps that you would never have imagined could exist. Thanks to those wonderful apps, we all can have a Cher Horowitz life! Stylish Girl is an app that allows you to catalog the inventory in your closet and just like Cher, create outfits. Think about all of those pieces in your closet that you forget you have because they get pushed to the back or they get lost in the folded piles. Well, no longer!

Here’s to living a Clueless life…

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