Let’s Get Naked!

Not naked like that you dirty minds! Naked as in the ‘no makeup’ makeup look. This can actually be one of the trickier looks to pull off. If you don’t have the right neutral shades, you can end up looking pasty and like you just have no makeup on rather than fresh and youthful which is what this look is supposed to achieve.

My favorite neutral eye products are

Urban Decay’s Naked Palette’s and Too Faced Naked and Neutral Palettes. After the success of Urban Decay’s inaugural Naked Palette (the best selling eye palette of all time!), they created the Naked 2. I do not have the Naked 2 but I do have the original Naked Palette and let me tell you, I understand why it is the best selling of all time. This could be the only eye shadow collection you own and it would provide you plenty of day and night looks because it goes from light golden tones to dark black tones.

Too faced also has some amazing neutral palettes as well. Their Naked Eye Palette is also really, really great. This palette is great for those times when you want to look romantic but it also provides some deeper shades so you can create a very sultry look. When I have used this palette to create a more evening look, I have received so many compliments because my lid was very light and neutral but my crease was dark and mysterious which really makes your eyes pop! They also have the Natural At Night eye palette which would be good for those with darker skin tones.

Last but not least is my FAVORITE natural face palette. It is also by Too Faced and it is called the Natural Radiance Face Palette. It includes all the essentials to create a natural, all over glow. I am obsessed with every product in this palette. The concealer is a rich, creamy formula and perfect color, the highlighter isn’t too shimmery, I use the brightener almost everyday under my eyes, under my brows, and on the bridge of my nose, and the bronzer and blush (cream and powder) are the perfect way to complete the look. The only thing that is missing from the palette is a finishing powder.

With all these tips, now you have no excuse to not go naked!

Too Faced Natural Radiance

Too Faced Naked and Neutral Palette

Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2

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