Table Accessories

One of my favorite things in this world are coffee table books which is actually hilarious because I hate to read. Like, really hate to read. I don’t even read articles in US Weekly. It’s a wonder I even made it through school. Thank God for the ‘first and last sentence of every paragraph’ trick. It saved me!

The reason I love coffee table books so much is because they are like accessories for your home. We all use handbags, shoes and jewelry to show our personality in our style so why not do the same for our home? My coffee table books range anywhere from beauty books to a hilarious collection of random lost, forgotten and found letters from around the world. What does my coffee table book collection say about me? Well, it says that I love to do my makeup but I am really just a big weirdo and guess what? That’s totally true!

Another great thing about coffee table books is that they make great gifts. There is a coffee table book for every interest and in every price range so it is hard to not find something for all of those special people in your life.

Here is a snapshot of my collection (so far). Now get to Amazon and start stacking!


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